Sunday, October 9, 2016

"So don't let them steal your light..."

Oh, man. Aren't guys pretty? 

I mean looking in their eyes, playing with their hair, waking up beside them and the fact that they come with built in dildos is pretty great (though I can admit I've had better in plastic form.) Hey, I never said this was a blog for kids, now did I? (Sorry Grandma...? and Mom! xx)

Anyway, bits of plastic don't talk back. Well, they have these mp3 ones and stuff and this blog is starting off very weird--but that's my life. Anyway, moving on from that, the point is it's nice to have someone who likes you & someone who wants to spend time with you.

But that's when dependency issues come into play. How much do you really need a sex God who can talk back and just shit on your day with a simple sentence. At a point we give people too much power over our lives--we forget how to make our own happiness and how to simply be happy with ourselves.

And let me tell you, that's something I struggle with a lot. But it's also something I'm working on. So for you, dear reader--I have another LIST.


1 - It's none of your business
It's none of your business what he's doing all day every day. Either you trust him or you don't... and if you feel like you can't trust him then you already know you shouldn't be in a relationship already because of your insecurities.

2 - You deserve time
You don't deserve every moment of his time---we are talking about dependency issues here. But there are landmark moments that he should be at your side. Bullying him into doing something he doesn't want to do will only lead to fighting at said event or later that night.

3 - The Phone
PUT DOWN THE DAMN PHONE. If I learned anything, in 1996 no one really had technology and yet people had relationships and found each other--yes even gay people! Nothing is worse holding onto a phone all day for a message that's probably not coming anyway.

4 - We're all stupid sacks of meat
Truly every moment of every day we're making choices on what does and doesn't make us happy. You're allowed to leave anyone, anything for any reason that you feel confident with. Don't be an ass, break his heart and then come back two months later. That just complicates everything.

5 - Play with yourself
Not like that you fuckin' pervert, FINE you're right I started the blog talking about attachments.. 😏
Find hobbies that you like to do--everyone likes to do SOMETHING. And yes laying in bed watching hours of Netflix eating gelato straight from the tub is something. But getting your ass out of bed and buying a face mask from the dollar store works wonders too. Occupy yourself and your time.

6 - Do things
You don't need someone tied to your side just to go to the store with your friends. Concert? Festival? Carnival? Look, you don't have to do everything together with someone you like or love. Just do things. It's pretty shitty of you if you do something without 'em when you two have already talked about doing it together.

7 - When all else fails
Tweet me at @ChunkyLemonade and I'll make up some more advice, I'm really good at making the advice... following it, not so much.

That's all the fucks I have to give today. Guys can be shitty but so can be the ones that love them. Be patient and kind--one time you'll find someone worth your time. So don't fuck it up!

Until Next Time,

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