Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I just wanna look good for you...

So you want to lose weight?
That's cool.

Some people want to lose weight and some need to for health reasons. Though, I do believe (and I'm no expert) the worst thing you can do is lose weight for someone else. If you're going to lose weight you need to do it for yourself, deep in your heart you have to want and need that change.

Weight loss is something I've always struggled with. I've wanted to do it for a handful of reasons, but until recently it was never really something I was doing for myself. My health isn't the greatest--and no, I'm not saying I'm fat so I'm unhealthy.

We all feel like we don't belong at one point or another. But the secret here is no one really fits into anything. Think about this, we live in a misshapen world, surprise this big ball of water isn't perfectly round. You see, some people feel too tall, short, skinny, fat, needs for a darker skin color, wanting a lighter skin color, makeup, no makeup--it's part of the human condition.

As for my health: between my Lupus and Arthritis--something had to change, I've talked to my doctor about wanting to lose weight. She suggested I added a multivitamin to my diet and to keep my calorie count up. To count my calories I use MyFitnessPal and most importantly allow myself to go my speed.You're not going to start running marathons three days into visiting the gum. And while I'm at the gym I like to bring along my Fitbit (which I've lost my charger to--I need to order a new one!)

Here's the thing, it's your body. Do whatever you want to do. Just be healthy about it.

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